US Operations

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Digisailor US Operations

At Digisailor, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge digital solutions that empower businesses to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. Our US operations play a crucial role in achieving this mission, serving as a hub for innovation, customer support, and strategic partnerships.Our US Operations is managed by The The Field CTO advisory firm. It is founded by a pioneer in IT industry Andy Thurai who is advisory, author, consultant and an independent analyst. The US Operations consist of multiple analysts, operations, IT experts.


Digisailor US Operations: Navigating Digital Excellence in the Heart of America.

The Field CTO

Field CTO is an emerging technology advisory, content, and consulting firm. We have independent analysts that are experts in their relative field, opinionated, and move the market with their thoughts. Our CXO influencing thought leaders can be seen in writing at Forbes, Harvard Business Review, ZDNet, Constellation Research, Venture Beat among other places. Our analysts are known for their thought-provoking keynotes, articles, and customer-facing presentations. Between them, they have published over 2000+ content pieces that are well recognized in the industry. Each one of our analysts are not only well known in the industry but also they have a huge following in the social media , Over 30K+ followers (LinkedIn, Twitter and our Blog site). Our analysts thoughts are well respected, acted upon, and appreciated by CxO level which reaches out to us often to hear our opinions on certain company or solution set