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Our Graphic Designing Services

  • Logo & Corporate Identity Designing Services

    Ever wondered what a creative logo, business card or brochure can do to your business! It gives your introduction to the business partners or customers without any explanation. We aid you scale new height of success by increasing your corporate identity with impressive graphics & multimedia services.

    Logo & Corporate Identity Designing Services:
    ▷ Logo and Typeface
    ▷ Tag Line (or Punch Line)
    ▷ Stationary items like Envelop and Invoices
    ▷ Visiting card
    ▷Letter Head
    ▷PowerPoint Template

  • Indoor Collateral Designing Services

    Creating brand communication is not an easy task. Our in-depth knowledge couple with rich experience has helped us to come up with effective indoor collateral design for your brand. Now you can communicate your brand like you’ve never had before. We help you make you brand visually appealing and add value story.

    Our Indoor Collateral Designing Services Includes:
    ▷ Brochure designing
    ▷ Signage
    ▷POP Material
    ▷Shelf Talkers
    ▷Leaflets and Flyers
    ▷Tags, Stickers, Badges

  • Outdoor Promotions Design Services

    Take your marketing display to its next step without outdoor promotions. Bet it a single A-board or an entire exhibition or simply a display stand, we specializes in designing all. Our wide range of design solutions allows you to advertise anywhere you want.

    Our Outdoor Promotions Design Services Includes:
    ▷ Brochure designing
    ▷Flex, Digital Prints
    ▷Event Backdrops

  • Multimedia Presentations Development Services

    Seeking for expert guidance in multimedia projects can gain you big rewards! Especially if you have a start-up, you can never put your brand identity at risk. Therefore, contact the best graphics & multimedia company in India and get your project developed by expert & creative professionals.

    Our Multimedia Presentations Development Services includes:
    ▷Multimedia Company Profiles
    ▷ Multimedia Sales Presentations
    ▷Multimedia Presentations without Pro Voice
    ▷Multimedia Product Sales and Concept Demos
    ▷Annual Reports Highlights
    ▷Multimedia Service Demos
    ▷Multimedia PowerPoint Presentations
    ▷ Exquisitely designed PowerPoint Presentations
    ▷ Any other unique application you can think of, we'll be happy to plan and prepare

  • Corporate Video Development Services

    A corporate video can add value to your business. Backed by professional designers, many graphics & multimedia companies help you with multimedia presentations and corporate video development. It showcases your business values, features and niches in eye-catching pretentions that grab attention immediately.

  • Product Package Designing

    Digisailor is designing company that brings best of its designs to package of the product. Our well trained designers design the product package in such a way the its neither a way simple nor too complicated. The best packaging design is the one that clearly defines the kind of product it is designed for.

  • e-Book Design Works

    Digisailor creates high-quality ebooks and print books for self-published authors, book designers, businesses, and publishers worldwide. We provide complete digital and print production services including Ebook design services including formatting and conversion,Design, layout and production of bookstore-quality print books,Cover design for print and ebooks Manuscript editing and proofreading and publishing consulting.

Our 3D Modelling Services

  • CAD Modelling

    Digisailor offers CAD modeling services. While CAD is used mainly in engineering drawing and construction architecture, it can also used to accomplish preliminary design and layouts, design details and calculations, creating 3D models, creating and releasing drawings, as well as interfacing with analysis, marketing, manufacturing, and end-user personnel.

  • Mesh Repair & Correction

    Digisailor offers high quality mesh repair correction service. Mesh orientation is important for results accuracy. Do you need to clean up a 3D scan, do some 3D printing, or design an object that fits something else? Meshmixer can help.

  • Character Modelling

    Digisailor offers character modeling services. Character modeling is the process of creating a character within the 3D space of computer programs. The techniques for character modeling are essential for third – and first – person experiences within film, animation, games, and VR training programs.

  • Product Development

    3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is having a revolutionary impact on product design and manufacturing. The technology is not only transforming how things are made, but also how things are designed, and how business is done. As the technology continues improving, the availability of materials is growing, and the cost of getting on board with the technology is going down.

  • Reverse Engineering

    Digisailor offers Reverse engineering service. As computer-aided design (CAD) has become more popular, reverse engineering has become a viable method to create a 3D virtual model of an existing physical part for use in 3D CAD, CAM, CAE or other software. The reverse-engineering process involves measuring an object and then reconstructing it as a 3D model.

graphic designing
graphic designing

Our UI/UX Designing Services

  • UX Research

    We provide meaningful and actionable data-driven insights that represent the voice of the users and resonate with your business objectives.

    ▷ Generative User Research
    ▷ Expert Reviews & Heuristic Analysis
    ▷ Usability Testing
    ▷ Emerging trends & Behaviour
    ▷ Ethnographic Research

  • Design

    Our team of UX UI designers thrive repeatedly to arrive at a design that is logical, intuitive and appealing to all the users.

    ▷ Product & Digital Innovation
    ▷ UX UI Design
    ▷ Design Audit
    ▷ Digital Branding
    ▷ Prototyping